Senin, 24 November 2014

Getting Started game CP

How do I install games?

You can install games once you have configured a machine in Settings -> Machines
  • Login to your panel
  • Browse to Services > Settings > Service Configuration Examples
  • Locate the service you want, or one similar
  • Click Install

Remember the paths

  • Read the page after you install the example
  • This page will preset directions on how to install the game files
Typically you will install games to:
  • /usr/local/gcp/installs/<game>
  • C:\GameCPRemote\installs\<game>


Where do I put my game files?

Linux Default

  • /usr/local/gcp/installs/<game>

Windows Default

  • C:\GameCPRemote\installs\<game>


Adding your first user

So you have a Machine and a Game setup - now its time to add a user!
  • Browse to Clients > Create a Client
  • Click the Game Servers tab
  • Select the game server you added
All fields are optional! Simply click the tab to add that type of feature (game, voice, bill, note). Fill out anything you want, nothing is required. xD

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