Senin, 24 November 2014

Game CP Features

Control Games, Voice & Radio

Manage all different types of services with GameCP. Choose from over 70 configurations supplied directly by GameCP. Select from our downloads to get started hosting even faster! You can always configure your own services in many different ways.

Server Monitoring & Alerts

Tired of crashes killing your business? GameCP can auto-restart servers, monitor player usage, private status & branding status. Graphs are generated based on this information. E-mail and Ticket alerts are sent to admin & support users

Easy to use Client Portal

GameCP will automatically create users once they have placed an order. If you need to manually create a new user you can do so, no information at all is required but you can define any information you want.


GameCP is templated using the Smarty Template Engine. We use style sheets, templates and images to create our themes - very similar to other applications this is a easy to use system that allows you to modify nearly every aspect of GameCP.

Background Tasks

Tired of waiting for big commands to execute? Major commands are executed in the background, no need to wait for your games to install or update, trigger the action and move on to the next person - or maybe your life! It is easy to perform multiple tasks in GameCP, quick and effectively.

Server Admin Tools

Server Admins need good tools & we deliver just that. From a built in remote ssh terminal to an automated task scheduling system GameCP can provide you the tools needed to run advanced commands on hundreds of machines. Need to push an update or some mass change? No problem!

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